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The 96 pin connector is available across numerous manufacturers from amphenol aicc, harting, ept, erni, etc. Picmg has not evaluated these products or services and is not responsible for errors or omissions. The cpci 5 th edition precast concrete design manual is the ultimate publication covering the design, manufacture and installation of precast reinforced and prestressed concrete. Connectors are available from amphenol aicc, enri, harting, te, ept, etc. This file is not intended to be a thorough coverage of the pci standard.

This new power connector supports both 3u and 6u board configurations as well as hotswappable applications. Comes with the p47 connector x1, the power supply connector x0 only on 3 u, the atx connector x12, the utility connector x and the resistors and capacitors it does not support parallel connection of several backplanes, the system management bus, geographic addressing, screwtype terminal connections and the x14 power output connector. This passive extender card allows developers to mount a compactpci card in a standard universal 3. The connector specialist ept guarantees to its customers the longterm availability of varpol pin headers and female sockets with a pitch of 2. Boards are standardized to 3u or 6u sizes, and are typically interconnected via a passive backplane. The picmg standards for compactpci provide specifications for hard metric connectors. The connector pin assignments are standardized by the picmg us and picmg europe organizations. Epts colibri pcb connectors, which have a pitch of 0. Compactpci serial is an industrial standard for modular computer systems. Ept is a private firm, founded in 1989 with the prime objectives of initiating and executing projects in the industrial and municipalities sectors. The pmc user io connector pn4 is optionally connected to j2 for rear panel io. Compact pci cpci p2 pin out and connector pinout, p2. Elements of pressfit and processing technology come from the same hand at ept. Ept eptl electrical power transfer installation instructions includes.

Amphenol absi compact pci datasheet rear side connectors. Connector, type a series, 110 contacts, 2 mm, receptacle, press fit, 5 rows. The modules a, l, m and compact pci are equipped with a multifunction block. Ii pdni online from elcodis, view and download 2442330015 pdf datasheet, backplane specialized specifications.

View and download adlink technology cpci3510 user manual online. Online modeling tool for 3d connector models itt interconnect solution has developed an advanced online modeling tool that enables design engineers to dynamically create virtual 3d connector models, even for designs that have yet to be manufactured. Online modeling tool for 3d connector models electronic. Now, ept is looking to add a new, highspeed variant to the connector series. Vme 3 connector datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format. Note that some of the pin names have been combined into a single column, however the individual pins are still there. Ept track record includes more than 30 water and wastewater treatment plants, water recycling and reuse and energy and products recovery projects in israel, europe and south america. Oem pin numbering may be by cpci or in accordance with iec 610764101 which is reversed. Iec 610764101 definition of terms connector according to iec 610764101. Mounting options include panel mount, freehanging and wiretoboard. The name ept stands for complete problem solutions in the connector field. That being the case, in this paper, the hypertronics connector is referred to as the 2mm cpci connector.

Iec 10764101, a number of different pin arrangements. However futurebus connectors, which also use 2mm style has a mating distance of 10mm, and is not compatible with cpci connectors. Pep modular computers gmbh rejects any liability for the correctness and completeness of this. The standard specifies, among other things, what size the module should be and where the mounting holes and pin connections for the carrier board should be positioned.

Compactpci is a computer bus interconnect for industrial computers, combining a eurocardtype connector and pci signaling and protocols. Pep modular computers gmbh rejects any liability for the correctness and completeness of this manual as well as its suitability for any particular purpose. Amphenolbsi cpci backplane order configuration part number table. The picture below represents how a 3u card installs into the backplane slots. The connector types below are counting signal pins not the ground rows, as indicated on many data sheets. Adlink technology cpci3510 user manual pdf download. In contrast to this, compactpci serial uses only serial pointtopoint connections.

It is designed so that standard 3uformat cpci power supplies can be installed. For years, hardware developers have sworn by the product, which allows you to reliably and flexibly connect circuit boards together or connect a cable to a circuit board. It is located in central to the j1 and j2 backplane. Consult your system documentation to determine the voltage on your pci connector. The cpci backplane offers rtm options for all 3u and 6u backplanes. Compactpci serial was officially adopted by the pci industrial computer manufacturers.

Description the epteptl allows an electric lock or exit device, such as a securitron touch sense bar or handle device, to be installed while concealing the cabling on the hinge side of the door between. The j2 connector in a 3u cpci system can be used for io or the upper half of the pci bus. The pin out for the p2 connector is listed on the cpci p2 pinout page. The scsi connector has 4 extra pins which have fused. Accommodation of 2 x 6 u cpci power supplies of up to 500 w input voltages. The com express standard was developed by picmg for the computeronmodule com form factor. Click here to download the pdf of the 5th edition design manual for free. Te connectivitys circular plastic connectors cpc product line offers a rugged, reliable connector system suitable for a wide range of applications.

Normally the outside ground rows which are compression pins z and f are not counted as pins. The 2441015 is a 110way female connector with pressfit technology, upper shielding cpci j1j4 for daughter card, 2mm pitch. Pci express pci connectors are available at mouser electronics. Power connectors for compactpci cpci applications tti, inc. Performance 3u compactpci plusio intel core i7i5 processor blade. Iec 610764101 definition of terms farnell element14. This type a25 series connector is designed according to din 41612iec 606032. Backplane connectors of compactpci serial edit the picmg subcommittee drafting the standard has proposed a new, denser backplane connector type with a 2 mm x 1. The connectors and the electrical rules allow for eight boards. Index brief description of changes date of issue 01 initial issue mar. All you need to do is fill out the form and you will be sent a link to download the latest version of our design manual in pdf format. These p1 signals are referenced to the removable card, the backplane side would use the j1 term for the same connector. The new connector will be suitable for data transfer rates of up to 16 gbps and beyond.

Ensure the cpci card under test supports the bus voltage used by the adapters pci host system. It is an essential resource for every precast concrete project. Compact pci cpci p1 pin out and signal names, pinout. The circular configuration provides designers with an efficient use of board space. As this is displaced somewhat towards the middle, the slot is optimally designed for the advancedmc module, and the mating reliability increases tremendously.

It is for informational purposes only, and is intended to give designers and hobbyists an overview of the bus so that they might be able to design their own pci cards. Hypertronics calls it the 2mm connector and also the ruggedized 2mm connector. The backplane consists of a long tail pin connector. Hypertronics calls it the 2mm connector and also the ruggedized 2mm.

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