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I have just bought a copy of azhanti high lightning on ebay the whole thing is as new. Although this supplement was distributed as part of the azhanti high lightning board game, it was information for the traveller rpg. A big ship, the azhanti high lightning class cruiser masses 60,000 tons and is satisfyingly huge enough to please anyone. Ctg03traveller azhanti high lightning game designers. The azhanti high lightning is an obsolete multipurpose cruiser capable of a variety of different functions. Azhanti high lightning is a game of closeaction combat between individuals on board a large military spaceship. One rules booklet covering combat, movement, and scenarios rules booklet. The basic combat system used in striker is based on the popular azhanti high lightning game system. The principle change to the original however was the substitution of a parallel mount meson gun for the original particle accelerator. In order to play these scenarios you will need a copy. The maps in azhanti high are pretty sharp, and 1 piece each. Amycus probe, an introduction to traveller, ascent to anekthor, aslan, atlas of the imperium, azhanti high lightning, best of the journal volume 1, best of the journal volume 2, best of the journal volume 3, best of the journal volume 4, beyond, book. It is this quality that has kept the ship in service in spite of its inferior agility and.

The system is spread out in two supplements, azhanti high lightning and striker. Average rating 22 ratings uncovered after years in the gdw game archives, this is original draft drawings for the frontier cruiser azhanti high lightning, and used as the basis for creating that game and set of deck plans. Bdy29 from solitron devices, inc find the pdf datasheet, specifications and distributor information. This is probably the best adventurer ship there is if you do not make a living by trade. Its a great conductor of electricity, so do not take a shower, wash your hands, wash dishes or do laundry.

Azhanti high lightning and starships as platforms quarter to three. Designed to act primarily as raiders behind enemy lines the large jump capacity gave them a good operational radius, but the limited maneuver. Traveller classic game 03 azhanti high lightning counters. Traveller game 03 azhanti high lightning deck plans. The version of the azhanti high lightning class which is classed as a frontier cruiser has had most electronic systems upgraded to tl15 standard. Ffe 006 jtas 0112 includes journal of the travellers aid society 1 through 12. The movement system is simplified for use with larger forces and a. Azhanti high lightning traveller rpg blog the zhodani base. I also picked up many of them on pdf so i could have an electronic copy of the. Lightning pdf professional free version download for pc. The campaign itself is both depressing and futile, as the characters travel around the crushed remnants of. Lightning class cruisers is a detailed treatment of the background, specifications, capabilities, and interior layout of the 60,000 ton azhanti high lightning class interstellar cruisers for the traveller rpg.

So i have the deck plans, the rules booklet, the weapons table and a lot of counters. This game is also required reading for anyone who thinks that running a big ship campaign might be easy. Ffe 008 jtas 2536 includes journal of the traveller. The azhanti high lightning class of fleet intruder is the original configuration of the class which was later modified into frontier cruisers.

Most popularly known for their wargames, particularly europa. Since i made the jump from 2nd to 5th, my planar lore is mostly of planescape. A skeletal campaign set late in the rebellion era, during the hard times. For scale, it includes side views of the gazelle class close escort, and the kinunir class.

Azhanti high lightning and starships as platforms games. All pdf files created are 100% industrystandard and fully compatible with any pdf viewer. Traveller classic game 03 azhanti high lightning deck plans. Arrival vengeance was the final megatraveller product, and leads directly to the timeline of traveller. Azhanti high lightning is a sciencefiction wargame published by game designers workshop. A variety of scenarios are provided, and many more can be generated using the components included.

Title azhanti high lightning and starships as platforms author bruce geryk posted in features when october 17, 20 i was talking with a colleague about spaceship games, and told him i was particularly interested in games where you had to do things aboard a starship. If you need bases, please check out our accessories section. The campaign revisits the azhanti high lightningclass cruiser, and includes a reduced deck plan. Which actually caught us by surprise, since the game it was designed for traveller came in a distinctive small box just big enough to fit the rules booklets that were the size of a regular sheet of paper folded in half.

Three twosided 21% x 33 deck plans, two 16 page booklets, and 112 diecut counters. The game covers the weapons and personal abilities which can reasonably be expected aboard a starship. Do not use electric equipment like computers and appliances during a. Just a moment while we sign you in to your goodreads account. The file size of the latest downloadable setup file is 30 mb. So with this in mind i set about creating some traveller snapshot scenarios for the maps and counters of asteroid.

Those cartoon maps went around social media several years ago when they. Payne ot his personal appearance show at the ambassador, and some of the broughton girls even had an interview and pic tures taken with him. Deck plans for a 60,000 ton cruiser and scenarios for myriad situations. Azhanti high lightning came out in 1980 in a big flatbox like many other game designers workshop games.

Scribd is the worlds largest social reading and publishing site. Pdf editions for free of a bunch of their classic modules on there. Lightning pdf professional 7 is the complete pdf alternative to adobe acrobat specifically designed for business users. Ctg03a azhanti high lightning original draft drawing. Ffe 007 jtas 24 includes journal of the travellers aid society through 24. Traveller classic game 03 azhanti high lightning counters and charts. I wrote to the seller, but he was a dealer and claimed that was all he had. Bdy29 datasheet bdy29 component bdy29 integrated circuit bdy29 schematic bdy29 application note dy29 y29 29 bdy2 bdy bd.

An entire interstellar war rages across the spin ward marches. Most notable is the ships high jump capability jump5, which gives it great reactive mobility. Game designers workshop was a company that published many games including traveller, megatraveller and traveller. Azhanti high lightning traveller box set game 1980. Azhanti high lightning traveller box set game january 1, 1980 4. Azhanti high lightning to my knowledge, this is the most expansive set of starship deckplans ever done. It is this quality that has kept the ship in service in spite of its inferior agility and weaponry. Download pdf travellerrpgclassictravellerbooks free. The highlight of the spring was in the fo rm of a spring concert by the glee club and the band.

The classic traveller canon far future enterprises. He came up with a nice list for me that ive added at the end of this post read the full article. Special combat and movement rules, plus supple ment 5, lightning class cruisers. The main course among this months articles is the witch, an.

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