White front and back for iphone 4s

Some of the most popular cellular devices on the market today are the iphone 4 and 4s models. And, although on the performance front, apple has given the iphone 4s all it needs for the time being, new ground hasnt been broken on any front theres still plenty of room to really go. Cell phone lcd screens for iphone 4s for sale ebay. This iphone 4s lcd digitizer touch screen assembly is the unit kit you need if you dropped your iphone 4s or if your display is no longer functional. We provide warrantied apple iphone 4s repair services for all major smartphone brands. If you have had the unfortunate luck of cracking your iphones rear glass panel, this could be your opportunity to. Apple iphone 4s smartphone was launched in october 2011. Have you accidentally dropped and damaged your iphone 4s back cover. How to replace the back cover of an iphone 4 or iphone 4s imore. It was announced on october 4, 2011 at apples cupertino campus, and was the final apple product announced in the lifetime of former apple ceo and. Replace iphone 4 back glass white iphone 4 youtube.

New glass replacement for iphone 4 cdma white back rear. Full housing with frame, comes with small star screw driver needed for install. Front screen glass lens cover for iphone 4s whitelcd screen digitizer is not. Glass lens replacement cover for iphone 4 4s black white. So if any of these issues sound like you, follow along and well walk you through. I call this a hybrid colored iphone 4s but dual seemed more common. Injured gadgets offers the widest variety of wholesale iphone 4s parts including screens, batteries, repair kits, and cables. Hello, i discovered this bug recently and for me it occurs with the pictures made when the iphone was locked the swipe up camera tool while the iphone is locked. Browse through our selection to find the part you are looking for. Wholesale iphone 4s replacement parts, digitizers, screens. It is the fifth generation of the iphone, succeeding the iphone 4 and preceding the iphone 5. The back is clear so you can see the phone, the edges all the way around front and back are a bit raised so whether the phone is face down or on its back, it doesnt sit flat on whatever surface you put it on which is. While replacing the front screen on a iphone 4s requires a lot of equipment and technical skills, this original apple iphone 4s lcd and digitizer is perfect to easily fix your iphone 4s screen. The process is the same for both the iphone 4 and iphone 4s.

If youve smashed the back of your iphone 4 or iphone 4s. Iphone 4 back glass plate or paneldoor black this is a new replacement iphone 4 back glass assembly, details included. Seeing as they are made of glass, its not uncommon for the back panel to break. Oh apple, why art thou you skipped the fact that the white iphone4 and 4s also had a white frontglass, is that intentional. For iphone 4s replacement lcd digitizer front screen. Replace your iphone 4s back glass to white or metal howto duration. Using this replacement part, which is very easy to install, you can change your cracked iphone 4 back cover and make it look like brand new. Is there any functional difference between the white and black iphone 4s. Screen replacement digitizer full set frame assembly for iphone 4s white.

How to replace iphone 4s cracked back glass iphone 4 broken screen in easy steps things need. Replacing the back casing through iresq is cheaper than replacing your entire phone. Differences between iphone 44s and ipod touch 4th gen. How to replace iphone 4s cracked back glass iphone 4. So i want to hear from all of you who have either the black or white and if you wish you went in the other direction and vice versa. Whats the best case for a white iphone 44s that protects.

A question about the aesthetics of white or black front. Is the speaker on the white model easer to hear than the black modle due to the extra slot for sound to emit. Ive been told countless times and seen it everywhere, that the white iphone is girly i really wouldnt like to wait, and am not one to think too much of what others think about me, but i want your guys and ladies opinions. I still have some time to call in and change the color so was wondering if you all can help me decide.

Diy white iphone 4s 4 sticker skin mod kit obama pacman. Generic replacement front screen glass lens cover for iphone 4s whitelcd screen digitizer is not included. I read online that you can switch out the glass or something in the front and back. It could be something to do with achieving opacity with the white color, a uv coating made necessary to protect the color, or something thats just more apparent with the white iphone 4, its there. Why did apple pick a black rather than white for the front. We are the most credible name in terms of quality as well as costefficiency. This apple device has covered both the front and back glass panels with an oleophobic coating that resists face grease and fingerprints. Step 1 check on back of your device small text in lower right that starts with the letter a.

Replace your cracked, shattered, scratched, or worn back glass with a brand new one. Not only that, this particular iphone repair is one of the simplest of them all. The iphone 4s retroactively stylized with a lowercase s as iphone 4s as of september 20 is a smartphone that was designed and marketed by apple inc. Also, with the popularity being so high, you might just be looking for a way to set your device apart. I tried to update the software on my iphone 4s and now it just keeps turning off and on and it gets stuck on a white screen with a black apple on it when it finally turns back on. I recently saw someone with a gold iphone, but it wasnt a case.

An alleged plastic iphone 4 has popped up with what its finders say are plastic panels on the front and back, as. Generic replacement front screen glass lens cover for iphone 4s. If the back of your iphone is worn, scuffed, or scratched, this piece will make your phone look new again. Ips lcd display, apple a5 chipset, 8 mp primary camera, 1432 mah battery, 64 gb storage, 512 mb ram, corning gorilla glass. When i got this package in the mail i literally got to filming this. Make offer iphone 4 cdma verizonsprint white replacement back glass includes toolkit. My bf has the 3gs in white and the back of it is all scratched because he didnt use a phone case and you can definitely see the scratches. I cant restore it due to some settings on my actual phone that i obviously cant get into, any other ideas. I know its stupid but seriously i really cant decide. Replacing the back panel also fixes any issues you may have with a hazy camera or cracked lens since its built in to the back panel. Reducing variation makes it easier to shift production, less risk of shortage i. Pictures in camera roll go white when cli apple community. Charge port repair for white front apple iphone 4s repair.

Do it yourself and save yourself the cost of buying a new phone or. Product features high quality product package contents 1 back. Ursend iphone 4s lcd touch screen replacement display digitizer assembly kit white with repair tools. This cover is a back housing for the iphone 4 and iphone 4s. The iphone 4s is the fifth generation of apples smartphone. Have you accidentally dropped and damaged your iphone 4 back cover. A question about the aesthetics of white or black front glass on the iphone. Screen digitizer replacement for iphone 6 6s 7 plus white us. And more, if i take some picture in this mode, and i delete one, then all the pictures made during that. There is a small rubber bumper that sits on the top edge of the logic board where the digitizer and screen cables come through the case. Will replacing my iphone 4s front screen fix my front camera. Warranty service type, send back to seller by courier. Replace your broken or cracked front glass for your apple iphone 4s in white color with this.

Apple iphone 4s repair services at batteries plus bulbs. Show off the inside of your iphone 4s with a transparent rear panel. Most notably, the bulges of the back panel as well as the band between the front and back are gone and have been replaced with flattened surfaces. Is this iphone 4 front glass or back glass replacement. I usually settle for only 2 when putting this piece back, but it makes the front camera not centered. Replacement front glass for apple iphone 4s white by.

However, ebay also has back glass screen replacements, too. Although iphone is one of the greatest smartphone for photos in the current market, users come across different camera not working problems whether they are using new models like iphone x876s6 or earlier version like iphone 5s5. This is included on the black model as well but is less visible. How to replace the back cover of an iphone 4 or iphone 4s. Get the best deals on cell phone lcd screens for iphone 4s when you. Using this replacement part, which is very easy to install, you can change your cracked iphone 4s back cover and make it look like brand new. White real glass iphone 4s or iphone 4 cdma back housing back cover battery replacement door glass.

About our iphone 5 back case replacement with this iphone 5 back case repair service, we will replace the damaged white back housing on your iphone 5 with a brand new one. These iphone 4 skins are removable and are made to create the elusive and exclusive white iphone 4 look. Do it yourself and save your self the cost of buying a new. Back cover repair for black apple iphone 4s repair. The white iphone 4s has two slots for the bultin speaker while the black one has only one slot. How to replace the rear glass panel on your iphone 4 or 4s. There is a line on top of the earpiece of a white iphone 4s which is the proximity sensor. The iphone 4 and iphone 4s models all use the same basic stainless steel design with a black or white glass front and back as well as a metal band that includes the. Apple iphone 4 4s lcd white screen digitizer new replacment. Get fast, dependable cell phone repair at we fix it located in batteries plus bulbs. The white iphone 4 is uniformly white, the same shade of white, from back to front, and from plate to home button. To those of you who have owned both, is there anything youd tell me before i buy a gold iphone 6. You can get it in black or white depending on what color your phone is. Broken back glass iphone 4 4s new glass screwdriver safety tips.

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